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June 10, 2015

How to improve sales effectiveness with e-Signature

How to Improve sales effectiveness with electronic signature for sales. This article will look at the features of Legalesign that will help your sales, and what you can do to further increase those conversion rates.

First, e-signature is stunningly useful for sales because your potential clients can now electronically sign your contracts at any time, from any place. You can be talking to a new lead on the phone, send the contract with a couple of clicks, they receive it on their phone, and go to e-sign it, all while you are still on the line. You get pinged at every stage and can immediately download the just-signed document and move the sale forward. No waiting, no bottleneck, no follow-ups. And what better service can be offered to a customer? 25% of all Legalesign contracts are signed within 5 minutes.

No printer necessary. Close the sale anywhere.

Of course, some people will need to reflect and think more on your offer. So now you have your follow-up calls to plan, but you have no idea what your potential customer is doing. Everyone hates to be hassled, but everyone knows you need to call to close. As you keep on calling at bad times, however, your friendly relationship is undermined. But with Legalesign eSignature, you now know the best possible time because you receive an email or a real-time alert to tell you when your client is visiting your document. Now you know exactly when to call; at the perfect time to answer any questions about the contract and see it closed. Great for you, and great service for your customer.

From talking to salespeople using Legalesign E-Signature, we have a few additional tips they have found useful. Legalesign comes with reminder emails for documents you can schedule automatically. You can set these so they go out at appropriate times, with the right messages. You can select to skip the weekend, choose the hour of the day, and customise your email message based on whether the person has visited your document yet. Set these to go out daily, ever other day, or third day, or what you choose that will suit the type of customer you are talking to. In addition, Legalesign comes with expiry dates on your document. By setting a deadline it gives you a basis on which act in terms of contacting your potential customer, as well as being a practical way to keep activity current and not let leads drift away.

It is not uncommon for us to hear that customers double their conversion rates almost immediately, significantly bring down their time on closing sales, as well as increase their customer's satisfaction. In other words, it's just better sales. And you can get up and running on Legalesign within a few minutes. If you use contracts for your sales process try out the free trial or contact us for more information.


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