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February 9, 2021

Introducing Legalesign Firehose API

Today we're announcing the preview release of Legalesign Firehose, our real-time events API.

Legalesign Firehose is a powerful new API for developers integrating esignature. Get all your events the instant they happen and create an accurate and up-to-date dashboard experience for your users.

Keep your users informed when a document is created, emailed, viewed and signed, when any group activity happens, or even while a signatory is reading their document.

API developers can connect to Firehose via an oauth2 app client. Users login with their Legalesign credentials to create a connection and start streaming back information.

Firehose is a long-lived websocket connection and sends back all the information going on in a Legalesign group, as it happens. Combined with Legalesign's existing esignature API, and API dashboard, Legalesign Firehose is a significant new tool for developers seeking to offer the best esignature offering within their own software.

Legalesign Firehose is in preview for approved developers, contact us if you'd like to try it out.


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