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November 18, 2020

Legalesign eSignature API Dashboard Released

We are pleased to release the beta version of the Legalesign esignature API dashboard for developers.

Get high level visibility over your general API use and drill down to the individual request level when needed. Rapidly debug your app in development and then easily supervise your integration's day-to-day use in production.

The Dashboard graphs all your API requests in the previous two weeks. It carves out 4XX and 5XX responses so you can quickly filter down to requests you may need to debug.

Click any point on the graphs and the Dashboard lists all your requests in that time period. Click on a listed request to call up all its details.

Your last 100 webhook events are listed too. Confirm what was sent to you and when, and check that your app is responding with the expected status code.

To get started with the Legalesign Esignature API, just sign up for a free trial then contact support to get your API key issued. You can prototype up an integration quickly for no cost.

The API is provided in OpenAPI3 specification too, so you can get a SDK in any language. Check out the repo at Legalesign on Github. For more quickstart information using OpenAPI generator in PHP, Python or Ruby go to our esignature articles.

Finally, log into your new API dashboard and check what's happening with your new integration at Happy coding.


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