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March 13, 2013

Get your forms completed and signed

eSignature is a phenomenal time-saver and excellent for putting the customer in a happier frame of mind when you send electronically a document they’d otherwise have to print, sign, scan and return.

But while eSignature makes the headlines, the value of eSignature solutions to act as a medium for form filling cannot be underestimated, this is particularly true for long documentation that can be both costly and time-consuming to print, fill out and scan.

In Legalesign you can add form fields to a document to electronically collect customer data when sending out a document. The recipient is prompted to fill in your form upon arrival at the document.

A wide range of forms fields are available. You can have the e-signer complete checkboxes, select from a dropdown list you already defined and much more. In addition form field validation means you can make sure their text fulfils what you need - check for emails, a currency, a given amount of numbers, decimal points etc.

Logic functions currently built let fields intact with one another. Currently, you can set up logic so you can tell the signer only to select one out of a number of checkboxes. More coming soon...


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