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November 21, 2015

What is a good e-signature software for finance and insurance?

Finance and Insurance businesses not only need a highly versatile and easy to use system, but also a secure and reliable e-Signature platform built for the key needs of confidentiality, security and availability.

In finance, with potentially significant value on your contracts, you need to know that your data is handled securely and that the platform is available at all times.

Legalesign is designed from the ground up against those tests.

1. eSignature Security

The core infrastructure is designed for high security and Legalesign is also ISO27001 approved for strong information security governance procedures. There are numerous security features behind the scenes to ensure data is held confidentially and there are features built into the website to ensure the website will follow your internal compliance including two factor authentication for your users, mandatory and periodic password updates for users, and you can increase the password strenght your users require.

2. eSignature Availability.

Legalesign is built to be highly available with multiple fail-over systems.

3. eSignature Features

The Legalesign platform features cover a full breadth of signing situations: single or multi-party documents, signing in sequence or everyone simultaneously, adaptable sender fields when sending and form fields for signers to complete. Includes in-built protection against signers signing without all terms complete. Legalesign outputs a certified PDF with long term validation (LTV) to ensure the integrate of the contract, this also includes a timestamp which is independently assured.

Other advantages of using Legalesign for businesses in the financial and insurance sector:

* Reduce scope for human error

* High security

* Shorten transaction processes

* Significantly lower processing costs

* Better collaboration between departments

* Compliance. Ensure staff are sending out the correct contracts for signing.

4. eSignature Customer Testimonials

Definitely save us costs. Less time to process. Reduce human error on clients’ side. A lot easier to get signatures now, with better tracking. Quick turnover. Better oversight of contracts. Improve customer happiness and business image. SO Easy to use!

Tonya Hunsberger, Gannon Insurance Agency.

It is simple to use and easy to download all types of documents. It also allows you to monitor the client document journey from creation to signature. In short, a really great system if you need to obtain electronic signatures quickly and efficiently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Legalesign.

Insurance Customer who wishes to remain anonymous from G2 Crowd Reviews


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