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December 28, 2022

Signing On-The-Go

The Importance of eSignature Software That Is Compatible Across All Devices.

eSignatures are now widely used in many industries to fast-track agreements. From HR and Admin to the Finance and Legal sectors, eSignatures offer a convenient, quick and secure way for businesses of all kinds to process their signed documents.

Additionally, the continued revision of regulations in many sectors will almost certainly increase the use of eSignatures for all kinds of agreements.

So with electronic signatures fast replacing their traditional wet counterparts, choosing eSignature software that is compatible across all devices has become more important than ever before.

The broad utility of electronic signatures means that eSignature software optimised for all devices has many benefits for your business, both internally and client-facing.

Agreements Anywhere, Anytime

There are obvious advantages, such as a reduction in paper, printing and postage costs, but it is the reduced time to send and receive documents and the added traceability of agreements that make eSignatures a key asset.

In conjunction with mobile devices, electronic signatures give you the freedom to action agreements almost immediately, both in the office and out in the wider world.

Factor in the additional productivity tools offered by many eSignature platforms and the ease of integration with existing software, and it’s easy to see how digital signing is fast becoming the de-facto standard for a modern business.

Not all documents are going to be signed internally, either. Many businesses send agreements requiring a signature to clients, potential employees, and other companies. This means that any eSignature software you choose must be compatible with different devices.

The Benefits of eSignature for Businesses

Powered by internet technology, the modern business environment demands that companies execute operations quickly and track their progress, whether in the office or in the field. Responsive eSignature software that performs well on all devices allows you to do just that.

Remote Working

Many businesses operate with employees in the office and out in the field. If your organisation has a workforce spread between offices and on-site locations, the ability to send, sign and receive secure documents fast can be game-changing.

Employees in the field can execute legally binding contracts and send them back to the office in minutes or have quotations signed and approved while with a client.

Real-Time Tracking

eSignature software that is compatible across all devices also allows access to real-time tracking of documents. For companies that have documents requiring multiple signatories or approvals, real-time tracking means if a document is held up, you’ll be able to see the exact progress that’s been made in real time. Additionally, a comprehensive digital signing platform will enable automated reminders to get things back on track.

Improved Signing Experience

Electronic signatures improve business processes internally, offering streamlined workflows and faster execution. However, they also present a refined experience for the end-user signing the document.

The ability to sign on the move for employees and clients increases the speed at which a business can operate. Additionally, if your signatory is a client or customer, eSignature software compatible with all devices allows them to sign documents at their convenience, giving an improved user experience.

The Competitive Edge

Taking advantage of electronic signatures through dedicated software allows you to reap the benefits of eSignatures while customising documents with your own branding. What’s more, sending documents to be electronically signed shows clients that your business is keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and modern industry practices.

With the adoption of electronic signatures growing, integrating eSignature software into your business will also help future-proof it.

Signing Documents On a Phone or Tablet

The best eSignature apps are developed with more than just secure digital signature functionality in mind. While security and digital signing make up the core functionality of eSignature software, usability and cross-device compatibility are key features of the best software in the field.

Thanks to responsive design practices, users should be able to sign documents on an iPhone, tablet or any digital device. eSignature apps are now built with the functionality to enable document signing on the go, whatever device is used.

Although individuals can use electronic signature apps, they are primarily designed for business use. As a result, they aim to provide complete functionality across all devices, from desktops and laptops to mobiles and tablets, allowing businesses to execute signed documents from anywhere with an internet connection.

Choose The Right eSignature Provider for Your Business

Using an eSignature platform built with responsive design gives companies access to the benefits of eSignature, and confidence that the software will work, whatever the device.

On-the-go agreements offer a competitive advantage (especially with cross-device compatibility), and a digital process ensures that a business is future-proof for years to come. Of course, all of this is secondary to security, given the potentially sensitive contract data that eSignature providers will process.

Legalesign is built using responsive design to ensure compatibility with all devices and comes with ISO 27001 certification for peace of mind. Integration through API allows for custom workflows and app usage, while Certified Cyber Essentials Plus means our GDPR responsibilities are met.

For more information on how our eSignature software can be used to sign documents on iPhone, Android, desktops and laptops, get in touch with our sales team today.


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