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August 29, 2018

First Cyber Essentials certification for e-signature

We are delighted to announce that Legalesign today became Cyber Essentials certified, the government standard for operating a secure cyber environment.

Cyber Essentials is a scheme run by the UK national cyber security agency. The certification process ensured that all Legalesign's devices and network connected to the internet are secure and that the business incorporates best practices into its day to day operating rules and system configurations.

Alongside Legalesign's existing ISO27001 certification, Cyber Essentials adds a further element to our data protection policies and demonstrates the company's commitment to the core goal of ISO27001 which is to monitor and improve data protection over time.

With the recent spate of high profile cyber attacks and the arrival of new data protection regulations from the EU, the company moved to gain Cyber Essential certification to demonstrate its commitment to data security, and to ensure it was taking all the steps for best practice in data security.

Legalesign already offers one of the most feature-complete GDPR systems available today in the e-signature market, and we are pleased to be the first e-signature company to gives its customers the confidence that their software and data is held within a Cyber Essentials certified environment.

Cyber Essentials is one part of the many elements that go into Legalesign's daily cyber security practises. Data protection is at the heart of what the company does and how it operates. If you have any questions about data security or the Legalesign service, please get in touch.


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