Legalesign is ISO27001 certified!

Legalesign is ISO27001 certified!

November 18, 2015

Legalesign is now certified as meeting the requirements of ISO27001:2013 for the provision of electronic signature software and document management services.

ISO 27001 is the International Standard that describes the best practices for an Information Security Management Process (ISMS).

The ISO not only provides a defined framework for information security, but compels a process of continuous improvement over time. The three main pillars of the ISO are confidentiality, integrity and availability; ensuring data is controlled and safeguarded at all times.

Legalesign’s certification evidences our dedication to clients’ data security. We put data security at the centre of our business and at all levels; from systems architecture up to day-to-day office activities.

Security Credentials: ISO27001 shows that Legalesign is a secured data focused company where your sensitive information and data will be dealt with carefully.

Reduce errors and costs: with its automated security processes, the ISO 27001 certification reduces the risk of security breach when dealing with sensitive data.

Clear procedures: the ISO 27001 takes a comprehensive look at data through the business and ensures protective policies and procedures are in place at all levels. This means that when transmitting your sensitive data it is being handled in a secure manner approved by third party auditors.

By using Legalesign your company’s sensitive data will be treated with respect, caution and in line with best business practices, in a secure manner.

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Click here to download the ISO 27001 Certificate.

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