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July 15, 2013

API status - know PDF is certified and ready to download over the API

Legalesign API now includes ways to be 100% confident the final PDF is ready for download. Theoretically there can be a lag between signing and PDF creation. To date the API has indicated a document has been signed, but not when the final PDF has been created. 99.9% of the time this does not matter, but it has been theoretically possible to get information the document has been signed and then to hit the API for the PDF before it is fully created. Thus integration code to date has needed extra crons and code loops to ensure the final PDF is downloaded.

Now the /document/ and /status/ endpoints include the ‘download_final’ boolean value. This will switch to true when the final PDF is ready for download. If you are using the document callback then the document resource_uri will be POSTED with a value of '100’ (in addition to the '30’ status).

Using a combination of the callback and /document/ and /status/ endpoints, with both signing status and download file status information, the Legalesign API now includes the facilities to build in considerable redundancy for better resilience in your systems.

Check out our eSignature API documentation

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