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March 26, 2020

Accountants Danica TCL use Legalesign for home working – ahead of Covid-19

Accountancy firm owner Clair Rylands switched from being office-based to home working three years ago and, as a result, is fully set up to overcome the challenges caused by Covid-19, using Legalesign’s electronic signature to keep business flowing.

Clair, founder of Danica TCL accountants and tax consultants based in Watton, Norfolk, took the decision in order to work paperless and provide flexible working hours for her team, all mothers with young families.

Danica TCL use Legalesign to send tax returns, financial accounts and letters of engagement with new clients and has reduced its use of paper to almost zero.

Legalesign supports employees working from home.

While many businesses are now having to organise home working for the first time to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Clair says the benefits her business has experienced are immense.

With what’s going on at the moment we are all in a good place, it’s had little impact on us and we can assure our clients that it is very much business as usual,

I have an all -female team and they all have very young children. Being able to work from home has changed their world. No long commutes starting at 6am and late returns home. Now they are close to their families and able to continue their careers.

Legalesign is easy to use, whatever your age or tech ability, or wherever you are.

I‘m delighted how well the electronic signature has been received by our clients, they have really taken to it. I have a few elderly ones who are thrilled they have mastered the latest technology. One 85 year old lady actually high-fived me, that was so funny.

‘I also like that I can keep an eye on what’s happening and review it daily. Today, as an example, I have a client in Mumbai and we need to sign her accounts for Companies House. I emailed them to her last night and they were back this morning ready for me to download and file. Being able to do that kind of thing is amazing. It saves so much time.’

Danica TCL signed up with Legalesign four months ago, and in the last month 67% of their documents were signed within one hour – and 100% within 24 hours. Ben Eliott, CEO and founder of Legalesign, said,

Today’s advanced technology, including our advanced electronic signature, can help ensure that business continues and deals can be sealed outside the normal office environment, even from mobile devices. Legalesign provides a quick, safe and environmentally friendly paperless way for smart businesses to sign contracts and agreements, saving considerable time and money and enabling business seeking to go carbon neutral to take a significant step forward in that direction.’

Danica TCL had at first been using electronic signature software from an American provider. Clair experienced difficulties at a very busy time and she was unable to access the customer support she needed due to the time difference.

I Googled and found Legalesign and can absolutely recommend their e-signature. I wouldn’t want to use another provider now. Their service and pricing is really good. I’m really, really pleased with it and have just upgraded my package so my staff can use it too.

Working paperless with Legalesign

Another huge benefit of using electronic signature is the considerable saving on the cost of paper and postage.

It has helped us achieve our goal of being paperless. We’ve gone from having a row of filing cabinets to two. My ethos was to go paper free in a year which I have achieved. During this time, I have used only one packet of A4 paper.

Legalesign has certainly more than paid for itself, with big savings on postage as sending a set of accounts can cost around £8 - £10, and I have250 jobs which could require about 30 or 40 pages each for tax returns, or 60 pages if you are sending the client a copy too. Then there is the hassle of getting to and queueing up in the post office to send them off.

I just have two filing cabinets now and I don’t need them. At one time I saved all the signed paper and my storage area is three-quarters full of old records which I am now destroying bit by bit each year. I have been doing this for over well over 20 years at home and it is time for a massive declutter.

Once you work paperless there is no going back

*Pic of Clair Rylands (credit Lorna Ellen Faulkes)


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