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Secure electronic signature software and agreement management for business and individuals.

Apart from the evident time saving and cost benefits of using an eSignature solution, by having your agreements stored in the cloud, heavily encrypted and with a unique log of the activity related to a document considerably lessens the risks of being exposed to a security breach and contract tampering. In our technology-powered world, here's what makes Legalesign secure electronic signature system, a robust alternative to the humble pen and paper:

Audit and regulatory compliance

Documents do not only contain a signature but also traceable information in a comprehensive, unique audit log such as document lifecycle events and signer identification records (IP address, time and date stamp, geo-location, consents). That is considerably stronger and more enforceable than the traditional paper-based transaction.

Legalesign complies with the eSignature laws set by the UK and European Union (eIDAS) for advanced electronic signature (AdEs). We also help our customers stay compliant with advanced GDPR tools which allow full control in setting fine-grained policies for data retention and deletion, releasing signer data and facilitating stop-processing requests.

Tamperproof and authentic agreements

A secure electronic signature software must be able to generate anti-tamperproof documents which guarantee authenticity. By using Legalesign, you can rest assured that all documents signed through us come with a PDF Certification with Long-Term Validation (LTV).

Encryption, data security and compliance

A secure electronic signature solution uses a high level of encryption. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, which in non-techie language translates into one of the most modern encryption algorithms also utilised in bank transactions. Legalesign is also ISO20071 and Cyber Essentials certified which means we adhere to the international and government's recognised standards of best practice in information security and withstanding cyber-threats.

Promoting a culture of safety and cyber-awareness

Optional periodic password reset policies, strong password requirements when creating an account and two-factor-authentication regardless on which plan you decide on, are all part of our commitment in being a secure electronic signature and not a chargeable for our customers.

Something as simple as presenting your clients with the capability of secure electronic signing will make an undeniable impact in eliminating the overwhelming paperwork involved in a transaction. Start your trial and enhance your organisation's capability to perform at peak efficiency by implementing a secure electronic signature solution or get in touch with support for advice.


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