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Get Documents Signed and Witnessed Online From the Same Location

Optionally Ensure a Witness is in the Same Room as The Signer

Legalesign is a UK-focused, strong compliance eSignature platform for business. We are the only eSignature platform that has focused on online witnessing with our 'eWitness'™ system.

Legalesign 'eWitnessing' is highly configurable, and focused on meeting standards for English law.

If you require witnesses to be in the place as a signer you can 'device-lock' the witnessing process, so the witness must use the same device as the signer.

To strengthen the weight of identity evidence you can require the witness to use multi-factor authentication with a PIN sent to their phone.

In addition Legalesign offers other important witnessing features you would expect, but other platforms often lack. For example, witnesses cannot see pages of the document where they do not fill out of a form field or sign, and they cannot download the final document.

Legalesign is ISO27001 and Cyber Essential Plus Certified.

For more information visit our web page at ewitnessing online, or email us at, or get started with a free trial now get started.


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