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Get an online signature in PDF or Word

You can make an online signature by either drawing it by touch or mouse, typing with a keyboard or using an existing image. Legalesign provides these methods as part of its online signing software.

Sometimes the person who sends a document through Legalesign will limit the ways that the signature can be made. Some senders may restrict signers to only used a typed signature.

Legalesign provides the signatures and legal basis for signing a contract online. If you are making your own signature, and need it to be part of a valid legal document, then you should check how your signature fits with the broader context of the document itself and the signing event. The European Regulations (eIDAS) provide a standard for electronic signatures in a legal context. Read more about electronic signature law here.

On Legalesign, if you have been sent a form or PDF and want to complete and sign it yourself then, once you have signed up (see the free trial), select the option to "Sign & Return", in the top right-hand corner. You upload a document, sign it online and then download it or email it to someone else.

Legalesign is ideally made for organisations that want their forms and documents to be completed online and signed with an electronic signature. It has a forms system and an electronic signature combined. Around that are a lot of other features so the company can get the best from using such a system.

Online signatures are enormously helpful for everyone involved.

Signers can get documents signed immediately and from anywhere, on the train on their way to or from work. All they need is a device with an internet connection. There's no dependency on printers, ink and paper.

For companies, an online signature is a single easy step that makes light work of getting document sent and signed. It removes human error around form filling. It saves a lot of time with features like automated reminders. It's more secure too, with data encrypted at rest and in transit, independently verifiable audit logs, and tamper-proof certified PDFs.

To try Legalesign to get PDF or Word documents signed online (Legalesign accepts file format of all kinds), sign up for a free trial or contact us and talk to one of our experts today.

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