Electronic Signature System

What is the best electronic signature system?

Electronic signature systems offer a way to get documents signed electronically, and a system for the sender to send, manage, track and store those documents.

The best electronic signature system will fit the workings of the organisation that sends the document; what documents they post, where they are located, where their signatories are found, and how large their organisation is.

You can categorise systems based on how signing will occur. A system that signs for parcels will look very different from a system for onboarding suppliers or clients.

Online electronic signature systems such as Legalesign are configured for signing online, via desktop, tablet or mobile. They both provide form-filling as well as signing. They are ideal for office-based forms and contract signing or approvals. The reasons why an electronic signature system is better than existing methods include:

  • Improve customer experience - signatories can sign immediately from anywhere.

  • Improve business velocity - real-time notifications on contract approvals.

  • Improve business management - easy contract oversight and retention control.

  • Cut time wasted - automated reminders.

  • Improve compliance - verifiable audit trails, tamper-proof documents.

  • Less human error - both for sender and signing completing forms.

  • Environmental footprint - go paperless: eliminate paper, ink, and printers for you and your customers.

Electronic signatures systems in Europe will refer to the European Regulation (eIDAS) on electronic signature.

The eIDAS Regulation lays out three standards of electronic signature: basic, advanced and qualified. Most online systems offer basic or advanced electronic signatures. Qualified signature systems need either for the signatories to be limited to a controlled pool (to whom you can issue qualified signatures), or the citizens of the country where you need your document signed, to wide possess qualified signatures. Read more about electronic signature law in the UK.

Legalesign offers an advanced electronic signature system. It includes PDF Certification with LTV, which generates a tamper-proofed, self-authenticating PDF; an important property for a contract to have. Read more about Certified PDFs.

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