Use electronic signature in the UK

Can I use electronic signatures in the UK?

Legalesign is one of the UK's leading systems for getting documents signed by electronic signature.

Electronic signature software like Legalesign is a better way to sign contracts than wet ink, tick boxes or PDF reader because it can meet the standard for advanced electronic signature. Learn more about what an electronic signature is.

You can use electronic signatures for many types of document in the UK, but there are exceptions.

As a rule of thumb, for very important enduring documents, such as a Will, or Lasting Power of Attorney, you should not use an electronic signature.

But for standard business contracts, you will usually find an electronic signature will be acceptable.

This article, nor any article, can give you independent advice on a particular contract. They can be so variable. After all, there may be a term in your contract saying you must not use an electronic signature, or equally, that you must!

If you have been sent a document to sign: It is usually sufficient to agree with the counterparty that they will accept an electronic signature. If you have received a document to sign through Legalesign, then this is a reasonable inference!

If you are sending a document to be signed as a business: You are probably sending them repeatedly, and they are core to your business. In that case, it makes sense to double-check with your solicitor.

You may have arrived here seeking definitive advice. I hope the explanation above tells you why you won't reliably get this advice online unless you have a regulated contract that expressly does not accept an electronic signature.

In any case, it's a great idea to investigate using electronic signatures for your documents.

If you are studying the law themselves, for more information go to laws on esignature in the UK. Legalesign also uniquely has a witnessing function based on UK common law. Learn more about electronic witnessing.

If you are considering using electronic signatures in your business, click here to discover why you may choose Legalesign.

To get started now, click here to get the free trial and a few free electronic signatures.

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