Electronic signature for the public sector UK

Legalesign is ideal for public sector esignature requirements

Public sector bodies, central and local government, choose Legalesign for esignature because it is the only enterprise-level electronic signature software with UK-based data processing and storage. Legalesign is registered in Scotland with offices in Cambridge and Edinburgh. It offers:

  • UK based data processing and storage.

  • Strong compliance: ISO27001 Certified and Cyber Essentials Certified.

  • Strong alignment with National Cyber Security Centre Cloud Security Principles.

  • Mature, enterprise level features set.

  • Certified PDFs for the gold standard in tamper-proof documents.

  • On call UK-hours support

Legalesign is registered on the Gov.UK digital marketplace.

File types

Legalesign can accept almost any kind of file to get signed by advanced electronic signature. The system always outputs PDF to produce an independently verifiable tamper-proof document. Read more about certified PDFs.

Workflows and transactions

Public sector organisations usually have numerous workflows. From simple situations, such as sending a single document to be signed, up to complex transactions with multiple approvers, signers and witnesses. Legalesign has a highly flexible workflow system to cover requirements.

Easy to use with excellent support

While Legalesign has a substantial depth in features, for day to day users, the system is accessible and easy to use. Features such as automated reminders, ready-saved sending, and pre-prepared templates, make sending and tracking contracts and approvals quick and straightforward.


Legalesign electronic signing pages (the public-facing part of the system) are highly compliant with modern accessibility guidelines and include aria labelling, is size adjustable, and with high contrast colours. The administration side of the app is near full compliance with high contrast colour options, font-size adjustment and aria-labelling.

Overall, Legalesign is a highly customer-centric organisation, with a focus on strong data security and compliance, and the range of features to cover most signature and approval situations, making it an excellent choice for public sector organisations.

Contact us for our case study with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

You can try Legalesign with a free trial now, or contact us to talk to one of our experts.

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