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Docusign are the market leader in esignature which makes them ideal for global multi-nationals, but if you are seeking more data accountability and transparency from your electronic signature provider, more responsiveness in support, as well as a robust maturity in features with strong data protections, then consider the UK industry leader, Legalesign.

Legalesign is ideal for small as well as mid to large scale UK organisations. It handles simple signing situations as well as complex multi-signer or approver transactions. It has strong security protocols in place, such as ISO27001 Certification, and includes a full GDPR feature-set so you can easily handle your own data obligations, such as data retention and data deletion.

Legalesign has the strong data security and compliance base you would expect from enterprise-level software, as well as the broad range and depth of features you need to cover the different document signing situations within any organisation. But it also comes with the personal approachability that companies need from a supplier that handles their day-to-day data for a critical business function.

Legalesign is used by small organisations and large, across public sector and private. It has an incredible range of features so you never have to say 'computer says no' to your customers. Customers themselves get a great and easy to use signing experience.

By using Legalesign customer service improves, as well as productivity and efficiency. All around, Legalesign improves how a business functions, making it more competitive for today's market.

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