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Docusign is the market leader when it comes to electronic signatures. This makes them ideal for global multi-nationals. Docusign's major competitors include Adobe Sign, HelloSign, and Pandadoc. However, if you’re looking for alternatives to Docusign and the other big US based eSignature providers, you've already no doubt come across, then consider Legalesign.

Legalesign are a leading UK electronic signature software company, a great alternative to Docusign.

Individual Signers

If you’re an individual who just needs to sign the occasional PDF but you don’t have many documents that need signing, we would recommend using a free web-based signing platform. There are many free web-based signing companies to choose from.

Business Signers

If you require an electronic signature solution for your business and are seeking more data accountability and transparency from your eSignature provider, more responsiveness in support, as well as robust maturity in features with strong data protection, then you should consider a UK industry leader such as Legalesign.

Data Security

Data Compliance is a priority for many sectors, especially Financial Services. That's why Legalesign has strong security protocols in place, such as ISO27001 Certification, and includes a full GDPR feature-set so you can easily handle your own data obligations, such as data retention and data deletion.

Legalesign has the strong data security and compliance base you would expect from enterprise-level software, as well as the broad range and depth of features you need to cover the different document signing situations within any organisation. But it also comes with the personal approachability that companies need from a supplier that handles their day-to-day data for a critical business function.

Legalesign Features

Having recently internally completed a competitor analysis of the electronic signature companies for our own internal purposes, there are a few things we noticed that many other eSignature software providers don’t have. One feature we’ve developed in conjunction with HM Land Registry is eWitnessing.

If eWitnessing is a requirement for your business, then you should consider us as an alternative to Docusign as this is a feature their software does not offer. Plus, we also offer more advanced features at a better price point than many of the larger US eSignature providers, making us a cheaper alternative.

Our reminder feature is indeed one of the most advanced on the market. Whilst other eSignature software companies allow for you to set a generic reminder for a signer, our platform allows you to personalise and adapt multiple templates to cover all stages in the signing process. This enables you to send a reminder to your signer based on which stage in the signing process they have reached.

SMEs to Enterprise

Legalesign is ideal for SMEs to large scale UK organisations. It handles simple signing situations as well as complex multi-signer or approver transactions.

Who uses Legalesign?

Many businesses use Legalesign, spanning a variety of sectors including Public Sector, Law, Property, Technology, Logistics, Recruitment, Automotive, Business Services and more.

The Benefits

Legalesign has an incredible range of features, so you never have to say 'computer says no' to your customers. Customers themselves get a great and easy-to-use signing experience.

By using Legalesign customer service improves, as well as productivity and efficiency. Plus, you’ll be well on your way to becoming carbon neutral by switching from pen and paper signing.

All round, Legalesign improves how a business functions, making it more competitive for today's market.

Start today with a free trial, or talk to one of our experts to discuss your requirements.

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