Legalesign vs Docusign

What is the difference between Docusign and Legalesign?

Docusign and Legalesign are both esignature software with enterprise feature-sets, strong compliance and highly reliable infrastructure. Docusign is the market leader for esignature and based in the US, while Legalesign is a smaller UK based and UK-focused enterprise vendor.

Legalesign is usually shortlisted alongside Docusign because it is has the most mature feature-set and strongest compliance among UK electronic signature software.

Since many softwares are called 'electronic signature software' and offer overtly similar functions, differences can appear mild at first sight. However, modern IT procurement practice takes into account the important 'hidden' factors such as data protection, data security, accessibility, long-term servicing and other factors, and in this context important differences between softwares are exposed.

The differences between Legalesign and Docusign include:

  1. Legalesign has UK-based data centres.

  2. Legalesign is a UK registered company.

  3. Legalesign has strong GDPR provision within its terms of service and in its features - with a specialist GDPR area.

  4. Legalesign is customer-centric - it delivers excellent support and service to customers - get your account tailored to your needs with 1-to-1 webinars and support sessions.

  5. Legalesign is for business professionals - it does not heavily advertise and promote itself to its customer's customers.

  6. Legalesign is agile and responds and adapts to customer requests.

  7. Legalesign has a UK focus for law and its signing is purposed for the UK legal system, although it also incorporates legal elements from around the world (e.g. the US Esign Act)

  8. Legalesign has a unique eWitness feature for online witnessing, based on guidance from the Law Society.

  9. Legalesign is often better value, its per-user pricing is based on productivity - only pay more if the features you gain deliver overall financial benefit to your business, otherwise downgrade.

  10. Legalesign has unlimited electronic signatures for per-user plans. Docusign's limit on per-user sending is more restricted.

  11. Legalesign pricing is per-month with no lock-in. Although annual discounts are available upon request.

One customer who switched from Docusign to Legalesign said,

"Legalesign has an easy to use interface. You can customize a lot of the features, email design, copy, etc. It looks really professional when you take advantage of all they have to offer. The customer service is fantastic. Any question I have, the team is on instantly. We switched over from Docusign after having our account executive change multiple times and to try and save money. We have been very happy we made the jump!" (A. Patzius, Influence & Co).

You can try Legalesign eSignature now using the free trial or contact one of our experts now to discuss your requirements.

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