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What is the best esignature software?

We have been providing esignature software since 2013, and in that time we have learnt a lot about what works for companies. Our founder, Ben Eliott, did his MBA dissertation on understanding how esignature can deliver the best value to business.

At Legalesign, we are customer-centric and always seek to find the best solution for customers, even when it isn't us. These are the criteria we recommend businesses use to discover the best esignature software for them.

The best choice depends on what you do and how you do it. Use these five key criteria to compare and contrast software, and get the best esignature software for you:

  1. Check uptime history. If you get downtime your business stops.

  2. Check support is timely and helpful. Unanswered questions and uncertainty among staff creates delay and bottlenecks.

  3. Check for ISO27001. Your data security is paramount. Get evidence of good data security.

  4. Check your 'edge cases'. Avoid having to say 'Computer says no' to customers. Ensure it works even in situations where your usual process goes off-track.

  5. Check for price lock-in. Price lock-in will hide software deficiencies. Get flexible pricing that does not lock you in at the outset.

1. Uptime
Uptime is important because it indicates two things, first, that the software architecture is well built. Secondly, on a practical level, this will represent a single point of failure in your ability to move your business forward. Imagine if your sales team can't get contracts signed for a day, for example. This should be externally verified. For Legalesign go to legalesign uptime.

2. Timely and helpful support
Another potential area that can turn into a bottleneck in your business process. Check for documentation on the esignature software. The best esignature software will seek not only to give support but ensure you are getting the best out of the software for your needs. Check reviews to see what people say, G2 crowd is a good comparison site.

3. Strong data security
The best esignature software will have data security as its prime concern. You can, for example, google for previous hacks or data breaches on the software you are reviewing, check for certifications that require an external audit, ask how the software meets the NCSC 14 Cloud Security Standards. ISO27001 is the industry standard. It's the ISO for data protection and requires external annual inspections. Request confirmation of ISO 27001.

4. Edge cases
Most esignature software will do what you need in the simplest way, but the best will have a range of features and flexibility to handle situations that go wrong. You want 'computer says no' incidents. Check the processes where you may need signing or approvals (check your software can do simple approvals too!), and talk to staff on the ground about what can go wrong. For example, what if a form is filled out incorrectly, or a name is misspelt, or you need to change how a form works, to name a few. Learn more about why business choose Legalesign for esignature.

5. Flexible pricing
Many esignature software will attempt to draw you into long term deals so that by the time the software is thoroughly tested against the real-world of your day to day transactions, you are already stuck. The best esignature software will allow you to trial the software and have the flexibility to grow and try different processes without long term lock-ins. Go to pricing.

Contact our experts to talk about your requirements and see if Legalesign is a fit for you, or try the free esignature trial now.

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