Is there an app for electronic signature?

Intuitive document management and app for electronic signature.

Digital innovation continues to change every business, and if you have a technology in place and your competitor doesn’t, you’re already in an advantageous position! If you’re still using the traditional pen and paper for agreements signing, considering an app for electronic signature might be a life-changing decision for your business.

Why use an app for electronic signature in the first place?

Your clients are what keeps your business going and providing them with the efficient tools to do business with you is one of the reasons why they’ll get back for more. Using an app for electronic signatures will not only accelerate the transaction time, but it will also look professional and allow you to interact with them more flexibly.
Enabling the digitization process of your workplace by using an app for electronic signature would also give your employees time for creative tasks, improving operational efficiency and meeting organizational goals.

Is an app for electronic signature expensive?

Legalesign app for electronic signature is designed both for small businesses looking to transition to a paper-free office and organizations looking for an end-to-end platform with high-security standards for managing documents.

One of the biggest problems customers mention to us about off the shelf apps for electronic signature is that they cannot grow or integrate with their business without overpriced upgrades. Legalesign app for electronic signatures is scalable to a business’ demands and growth with individual plans containing features and functions relevant to their needs, ready-to-go integrations or using the RESTful API that is accessible online using any language with an https library.

I want the app for electronic signature, what next?

It takes a couple of minutes to set up a trial account. Alternatively, get in touch for expert advice if you need assistance in selecting what is best for your business’ requirements.

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