Documents Signing App that Works Even Offline

Use the tablet signing app for tasks in the field or the office: sales, events, inspections and more.

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What does it do?

Legalesign’s Signing App is the ultimate for business remote and in-person signing. With no reliance on a network, your Legalesign documents are always ready.

There are two modes: one-to-one-signing and standalone signing. Use one-to-one mode where a person is available to supervise, say, in an office, or in field sales.

Standalone, or 'loop', mode works to repeatedly get the same document signed, ideal when many people in a group need to sign, or for environments like events, building entrances, or hotel lobbys.

Why choose Legalesign?
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How does it work?

Built using the latest web technology, the app can work as a web site or be installed like an app.

All activity is stored internally to the app, so that it is not reliant on an external network. If the internet goes down or is out of reach, the app will continue to work.

When the device reaches a network connection again it will sync automatically with the central service.

In a busy environment where a network is overloaded, underground, or in remote locations, you can be reassured you can still get your documents completed.

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Why use it?

Even if you don't need offline functionality, or your business has yet to need a signing app, the app is still a great tool to have in your armoury for a multitude of day to day signing or approval situations that can arise in any business, including for example:

  • Field sales
  • Events
  • In office signing
  • Asset inspections

Offline functionality is the ultimate re-assurance. If you've travelled out to meet a client, or spent a lot of money setting up an event-space, the last thing you need is to worry about the internet going down, or losing connectivity. Legalesign's business signing app takes care of it.

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Pricing to fit your business

No lock-ins and unlimited send. Our pricing puts you in control: pay as you go and features-based pricing means you can buy based on your own ROI.

Environmentally friendly

Going paperless reduces the use of paper and transport, helping create a cleaner, greener environment for all. An eSignature contract signals your eco-credentials.

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High performer in world rankings

Legalesign software ranks high in rankings with performance often better than or at least equal to market leaders. But with the responsiveness and accountability of a local supplier. Important for our customers who take their own responsibilities for data seriously.

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