eSignature for Marketing

Marketers like the higher conversion rate that e-signature gains over 'wet ink' signatures. Deals won't fall through because of the time waiting to print, sign and scan.

In additional you get a high degree of control with Legalesign settings so you can present the right image to your customers. Your customers will thank you for saving them on ink and on their time, and for offering an environmentally friendly 'go paperless' solution too.

Download the infographic for more details on the top benefits our customers see. See what some of our customers in marketing have said below.

Over 50% of contracts on Legalesign are signed within the hour and you can bring down your admin time by half.

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Download the executive summary infographic
The e-Signature Process
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"Legalesign allows better tracking and faster contract signatures (which means we get paid faster) and it’s easy to setup. Custom fields for use with any type of document and 1 document template for all prospects (just fill in those details). It has improved business image." Ryan Duncan, Funnel Boost Media
"Higher rate of document signed than with "wet ink" + it also creates an extra stage in my intake process so they can't claim they missed reading the fine print/contract." Alyssa Williamson, Designflair LLC.
"This solves so many issues for us. We no longer have to keep paper copies of agreements. We can retrieve the signed document within 24 hours no matter how old it is. This has led us to a cleaner office since all of the other paperwork now has a home in the filing cabinet. We are able to send agreements to be signed instead of scheduling a meeting, printing two copies and driving to the clients location. Give it a try! Once you have you will be hooked!" Amelia de Field, Synergy Ninjas