Electronic Signature Integration

Integrate electronic signatures to send documents for signing directly from your software

Connecting your systems to your customers

The Legalesign API enables you to connect your internal IT systems, or third-party software, directly to the Legalesign eSignature platform.  It lets you automate the sending of documents from inside your application without having to visit the Legalesign site.  We also have several ready-made API integrations, like our Salesforce Integration. If you are interested in exploring how you can start sending documents to be eSigned from inside your systems, we can talk you through the implementation steps.

Legalesign API

Simple REST API Interface

The Legalesign API has several integration options to suit different applications. Using a secure REST API your systems can communicate with Legalesign and trigger a host of functionality.

  • Website integration - provide a signing page within your own website

  • Integrate into the Microsoft software suite via PowerAutomate

  • Software integration - Create a seamless signing experience

  • Implemented in C#, PHP, JSON, Ruby, and Python amongst other formats.

Legalesign API