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February 6, 2020

Wyntercon Select Legalesign as Their eSignature Solution

Legalesign is extremely clear - the product delivers what it says it does efficiently, simply, and without aggravation.


  • Easy to use

  • Complete feature-set

  • Strong data security

  • Cost saving

  • Fast workflow features

  • Go paperless

Eastbourne-based charity Wyntercon tried leading rival big named electronic signature companies before trialling Legalesign – and could see within only 24 hours that it was a superior product that exceeded all expectations.

Andy Kybett, (pictured) the founder of Wyntercon, said:

Within 24 hours of trialling Legalesign we were able to do everything we wanted - and more. A decision was made very, very quickly to use it.

Legalesign vs Competitors

We had spent months looking around and trialling big named competitors, but they were very complicated and we had numerous problems. The reason we went with Legalesign is extremely clear - the product delivers what it says it does efficiently, simply and without any unnecessary aggravation.

Wyntercon Award-Winning Charity

Wyntercon is an award-winning charity that supports and encourages those from underprivileged backgrounds to thrive within the creative sector and be part of their local community. It provides a platform for people to discover their skills and passions by giving them confidence through science fiction and fantasy.

Each September the charity holds a major fund-raising event, attracting 6,000 visitors last year and 150 exhibitors who will now sign their contracts electronically with Legalesign. Going paperless is very important to Wyntercon as it made a pledge in 2017 to go green with everything it does and improve its carbon footprint.

Data Security

As a charity Wyntercon has to be sure its money is well spent and they are getting the best value and support. Andy, who has an IT background, is also reassured by the high standards of security and data protection provided by Legalesign.

We’ve grown quite significantly and because of my background and the work we do, we are all very conscious of data. We are also very conscious of risk and security. We have peace of mind with Legalesign and have already recommended it to our colleagues.

After only two weeks of signing up, Andy has completed e-signed contracts and documents with 30% of exhibitors for this year’s big event. Although for many this was their first time of digital signing, they experienced no difficulties.

Cost Savings and Fast

For the annual fundraising event alone, using Legalesign is saving the charity the cost of 300 stamps, printing ink and stationery needed for 300 eight-page contracts and terms and conditions, as well as saving time on printing documents and stuffing them into envelopes.

Andy added,

We like the ability to add branding and customise the content of the different reminder emails when the document has been viewed but not signed and have not been viewed at all. We have already seen positive results once the reminder email is sent to those who have viewed but not yet signed.

It’s also useful being able to freeze the workflow of a document after the email templates and reminder schedules are set-up. This enables us to send the same document to new signers very swiftly, whilst also avoiding mistakes.

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