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September 18, 2019

Ultimate Finance: Faster and Secure Signing with Legalesign

What Do We Like Best?

We evaluated other electronic signing platforms and chose Legalesign as it provided the best functionalityand interpretation of witnessing as per the legal definition; they allowed us to trial its features andfunctionality before we signed up to ensure it was right for us and from the start the team were extremely supportive.

We were especially drawn to its features of 2FA security on login; GDPR; PDF Certification; API Integrationand that we could personalise some of the messages.

The tool is very easy to use once the documents have been made ready for electronic signing.

Andreea from their UK based support is very helpful and responsive. She goes above and beyond to ensurethat our needs are met and always provides useful videos and links to the Legalesign support articles tofurther support our users.

We like that our requests for change have been listened to and acted upon and when requested, our accountmanager and the whole team are always on hand with live demos and advice to ensure we get the best fromthe system.

What Problems Are We Solving With The Product?

Our clients are finding that signing is much easier and quicker as they don’t need to travel to another location; nor print out and send signed copies back by post.

It has also saved us significant time in preparing documents and arranging for them to be signed. We reduced the time and need for the team to scan in signed documents and save them to our internal document management system and also reducing the need for external storage.

It makes for a noticeable reduction in our carbon footprint. Our teams have found the tool easy to use and their clients are signing much quicker.


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