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September 18, 2019

Legalesign Provides Secure Software for Cyber Recruiters Infosec People

Data security is at the heart of our culture and users of Legalesign’s electronic signature can be assured it is fully secured and ISO 270001 certified.

So we are delighted that award winning cyber security recruitment consultancy, InfoSec People, use our safe and secure software in its drive to be “trailblazers” of modern technology.

Operations Manager Lauren Thompson (pictured above) believes the recruitment industry needs to modernise and embrace the latest technologies available, such as electronic signature software provided by Legalesign.

Lauren says,

As a technology and cyber recruiter we like to be trailblazers using the most advanced technology, the most efficient technology, but also the most secure technology that shortens processes. In this day and age everybody wants everything at the end of their fingertips.

We were quite early adopters of e-signature, but Legalesign has certainly been the most efficient process for tying up with our CRM system, Voyager Infinity.

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