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May 15, 2024

How Legalesign Helped Pace Security's Operational and Environmental Goals

Pace Security Services Ltd employs well-trained and experienced individuals, carefully selecting the right candidate for each contract to meet specific security needs. Since adopting Legalesign, they have successfully transitioned to paperless operations, resulting in significant cost savings and faster document signing.

New employees can complete onboarding paperwork on their phones at their convenience, which helps close deals faster and improves the onboarding experience. Legalesign not only supports compliance with environmental policies by reducing paper use and waste but also strengthens data security.


  • A key tool for paperless operations

  • Significant cost savings

  • Faster document handling time

  • Allows new employees to complete paperwork on their phones anywhere, anytime

  • Great responsiveness from Legalesign's support team

  • In compliance with sustainability policies

Why use Legalesign?

Lindsay Hibberd, Quality and Compliance Director, explained why they chose Legalesign.

We found the communication and value for money the best out of the other offerings

Great level of responsiveness.

Legalesign's customer service follows a Partnership Approach, ensuring transparency, accessibility, and best service. We ensure responsibility and responsiveness for every document, that's why we provide each client with a dedicated account manager and access to our award-winning support team.

Pace Security chose Legalesign over its competitors for its great responsiveness and value for money. We offer free account reviews and periodic check-ins to maintain optimal performance. Our account manager also ensures that workflow designs and templates are specifically tailored to their operations. This not only eliminates operational disruptions but also ensures they use the features to their fullest potential, allowing Pace Security to achieve their value for money.

Lindsay said,

[Legalesign] help get the documents ready for the portal – even though this comes at an extra cost it is worth it.

The Difference Legalesign Has Made

The shift from traditional wet signatures means a significant improvement in workflow, data security, and customer experience, and a lower cost in resources, such as printing, postage, and document storage. Not only does Pace Security save money, but it also reduces administrative load, carbon footprint, and waste, which aligns with their sustainability policy.

Lindsay said,

We were enabled to go paperless.

It helped us to stay in line with our sustainability policy.

Pace Security requires strong security for their documents. With Legalesign, they have smoothed the onboarding process, as every signature is logged, time-stamped, and authenticated. They can track the entire signing process, including who signed the document, when, and from where. This not only eliminates the risk of tampering but also simplifies the process of enforcing legal and security requirements.

Additionally, since new employees can conveniently complete their paperwork on their mobile devices at any time and anywhere, more candidates are being assigned to each contract, so deals are closing faster, meaning more money and happier customers.

Lindsay adds,

[Legalesign] enables a smoother onboarding process.

New employees fill in their onboarding paperwork on their phones in their own time.

For more information on how Legalesign can help your organisation reach its operational and environmental goals, contact us now.

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