Agenda Life Sciences saves valuable admin time with Legalesign

Agenda Life Sciences saves valuable admin time with Legalesign

September 18, 2019

Candidates applying for jobs in the life sciences industry can be put forward for interviews much quicker, thanks to the ease and speed of Legalesign’s electronic signature.

Judith Fowlston (pictured above), head of Agenda Life Sciences, part of Agenda Resource Management Ltd, recalls that it used to take around 14 days for job seekers to return essential privacy policies, but by using Legalesign's electronic signature software that is integrated into Voyager Infinity, more than half of the agreements are now signed within 24 hours, enabling a swifter and slicker recruitment process.

As a result of the speedier return of agreements, candidates can be sent to meet prospective new employers sooner.

Judith added, “The tracking system is very easy to follow too and with just a click of a button you can resend the form if it hasn’t been signed. Legalesign is user-friendly and time saving and I certainly recommend it.”

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