Legalesign rated #1 UK e-signature platform, #1 for quality of support worldwide

Legalesign rated #1 UK e-signature platform, #1 for quality of support worldwide

January 09, 2018

We are delighted to be rated the #1UK e-signature service by G2 Crowd, and #9 worldwide - G2 Crowd highest rated e-signature software.

G2 e-signature rankings are the best insight into e-signature software available around the world. With results inevitably biased towards long-standing firms serving large markets such as the US, Legalesign, which predominantly serves the smaller UK market, sits comfortably within the top 10 of worldwide firms, and first in the UK. In fact, Legalesign is #1 within the top 10 for Quality of Support.

Here are a couple of quotes from our latest reviewers:

"I like how efficient the portal is. The use of the system and the way we as a business have used this product has helped us no end. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure, quick and easy to use product that can help with reporting and provide updates to the status of outstanding contracts." IT & Software

"I like how efficient and how much time it saves by getting things signed quickly rather then waiting for letters to come. It also saves a lot of money on paper, postage and gets signatures back faster... Legalesign helps provide efficiency to our company by receiving documents so quickly which has solved a lot of problems." Recruitment.

Contact us to discuss the significant productivity benefits and cost savings Legalesign can bring to your business.

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