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May 19, 2020

The Golden Rules for Customer Success at Legalesign

By Andreea Dumitrescu

My role as Legalesign’s Customer Service Executive is straightforward, I assist clients with any issues that arise.

Being in lockdown means that instead of working from our office on the Cambridge Science Park, I work from my flat. But I’m never lonely. I don’t feel isolated. As well as hearing from our clients throughout the day, I have my cute kitten Kiki to keep me company. So if you imagine while on a call to me that you hear a strange meowing sound, you can rest assured that you did not imagine it, it was probably Kiki fighting me for my keyboard!

Seriously, we are very proud and thankful that our customers have ranked us so highly on, the leading software comparison website where we are currently joint leaders of electronic signature providers in the UK. Legalesign is a totally customer-centric company, which is why a real person always answers your call instead of an anonymous automated voice – and most likely one that doesn’t return your call if you leave a message.

It's all too easy for companies to forget the needs of clients once a sale has been made, but I can assure you we don’t work that way at Legalesign. This is one of the reasons we decided to take a partnership approach with everyone using our product and to focus on a customer-led development. We constantly strive to ensure we are exceeding their expectations, in both solving their problems and making improvements to our electronic signature software. The effort is paying off – whether in lockdown or working from the office – judging by the constant stream positive feedback from our satisfied clients post.

These are my golden rules for dealing with customer-facing problems:

1. Turn frustration into appreciation

Someone in my position has to be knowledgeable about the software and electronic signature in general so you can tackle anything, and my learning is also an on-going process. I am humble enough to admit when there is a problem – even if it’s just a matter of user error – and... err, patience. The latter is the backbone of exceptional customer service.

2. Focus on business needs

Legalesign’s electronic signature and agreements’ management platform is confined to the digital realm and has many benefits that originate from it. However, its greatness comes from being able to use it across all sectors and industries, and it is suited for those with little technical skill or knowledge as we can guide them through the first steps until they become confident. Most of Legalesign’s customers need tailored support for their business’ digital signature requirements. Accountants, Recruiters, Financial Professionals, just to name a few, have different needs and workflows and by being knowledgeable about the software and its capabilities, ensures the team can deliver efficient resolutions in any given situation.

3. Chaos with a smile.

If users have a positive customer experience they will share it with their friends, family and connections which in turn, generates new business. We like this! Going viral through word of mouth is an achievement that not even an unlimited budget for advertising can rival. Each incident is an opportunity for improvement and actively listening, analysing and acting on constructive feedback is key to both a happy customer and developing a great service.

4. Let the customer decide when it’s sorted

This is where patience comes most into play by demonstrating to a customer that one of Legalesign’s employees is ready to sort their problem. We keep on trying to get it right and let them decide when they are happy with the outcome, this is paramount to success.

I would like to sign off by saying if we haven’t yet chatted, then that’s clearly good news as all is going well with your use of Legalesign, and maybe we never will, but you can be assured that I am here for you whenever needed.

And Kiki too, until lockdown is over. Until then, stay safe.


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