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February 18, 2019

Signing page update online

With contracts, the more you can prove, the better, and that's where e-signature software steps in.

An experienced lawyer highlighted an ambiguity in some e-signature situations: what does it mean to write a signature onto a document? For some kinds of documents it's a key requirement that the signature must be scrawled on the contract in the right place.

He pondered, how many companies like Legalesign require you to scrawl right there where you sign. The answer? Not many.

That's why we thought today's update to the signing system sufficiently blog-worthy. We can confirm signers do directly scrawl onto the page where they're e-signing with Legalesign.

Pop up boxes to take the person away from the document, there are none. Without doubt signatories are e-signing where they're being asked to. Provably.

1. Plenty Unannounced Updates

Updates to the Legalesign e-signature system happen all the time. As new browsers and devices are released so we continually improve and increment the versioning on the signing page. This is part of what you get day-to-day with Legalesign behind the scenes.

At a glance this improvement announced today is quite subtle. It has a level of detail probably of interest only to contract law experts. But this is what is building up quietly every day with the continual improvement programme we run at Legalesign.

2. Customer guided development

Legalesign customers know part of our uniqueness is the close combination between in-house development and customer focus. With that close feedback loop, we are constantly working on these subtle issues to ensure the best offering for customers.

It can sometimes be difficult to express that meaningfully. We can point to this or that feature but each alone is usually not resounding enough to be marketed.

One example is that forms fields your signers' complete will automatically save as they progress. You'd expect this from everyone right? Hmmm, if you use an e-signature provider and you think they already do this, check again!

The most amount of fields on 1 document in Legalesign is 1,048. In that case, this small feature isn't a nice-to-have, it's essential.

But this most recent change is a good illustration of one of those small incremental improvements that expresses the core of our offering and differentiation here at Legalesign.

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