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Signing page update online

by Legalesign Staff Writer, 18 February 2019

The latest e-sign pages on Legalesign include an improvement to girder the legal strength of the esignature process for some regulations. We usually do not report updates to individual pages, but this one has been in our sights for some time and, as far as we know, we are the only service to offer this legal reinforcement.

Updates to the Legalesign esignature system happen all the time. As new browsers and devices are released, so we continually improve and increment the versioning on the signing page. This is part of what you get day-to-day with Legalesign behind the scenes. Unlike your internet browser for example which has one version that you are currently using, because Legalesign is cloud software, pages are individually versioned and incrementally updated, perhaps even several times daily.

The update to the legal aspect of the signing page is that signers now perform the action of signing on the page itself, at the place where customers have marked that they require a document to be signed. While expressively this appears to be a small change, this matters for customers who have a document subject to regulations that require a signature to be signed in a given place. To the casual reader, they may assume this is exactly what happens at the moment; the difference is quite subtle but distinct.

Previously, like all other esign software, a signing window popped up for the signature action. But this still created a technical gap between the physical moment of a signature, and the page itself. We have wanted to move the action directly to the page and avoid dislocating the signer to another window. In our view this dislocation somewhat undermines the force with which it can be said a signer signed on a page itself, which some regulations demand. With this update we have eliminated that disconnect and hence the opportunity for ambiguity at that point.

At a glance this improvement is quite subtle, and we agree, it has a level of detail that will probably be of interest only to contract law experts. Legalesign contains many subtleties most customers of Legalesign will not be aware of, and perhaps nor need they be in most cases. The key for customers to know is that with Legalesign you have in-house developers and a customer-centric organisational focus, and those two bases together ensure that we are constantly working on these subtle issues to ensure the best offering for customers.

Because we differentiate on these core fundamentals it can be sometimes difficult to express that meaningfully: we can point to this or that feature but each alone is usually not resounding enough to be marketed. A couple of examples might be that we don’t advertise ourselves to our customer's customers, or that the signing process saves signer form fields as they progress (so signers don't need to re-fill out form fields later - say if their browser crashes or they lose internet connection, or just close a browser window by mistake). If you use an esignature provider and you think they already do this - check again!

This most recent change is a good illustration of one of those small incremental improvements that expresses the core of our offering here at Legalesign, which is what adds up and differentiates Legalesign to customers over the longer term of a subscription. Thank you for reading. If you would like more information about Legalesign please get in touch at, or +44(0)1223911317.

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