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July 8, 2014

Change the aspect ratio of signatures or initials

Better final PDFs to look exactly the way you want. Signatures and initials now exactly fit the signing area on your PDF. Previously we had a default aspect ratio for signatures and initials that could not be changed. The latest upgrade has removed that fixed aspect ratio for signatures and initials. You can configure your signatures and initials to match exactly your PDF document.

If you have more than one signature or initials for a signer, and they all have different aspect ratios, one downside is that the signer will need to re-sign again each time - we couldn’t reuse a signature that may not fit. In order to speed up the signing process you can still select to have fixed aspect ratios, but this can now be to the size of your choice.

You’ll find PDF editor contains the tickbox to ‘fix signature scale’, and this will ensure all your signatures and initials have the same fixed aspect ratio - it will use the aspect ratio of the first signature or initials and then apply that to the rest. When you tick this it’ll mean your signer can sign once and then select to reuse that signature (or initials) again.

If you prefer to have signers sign each time but have fixed aspect ratios don’t worry, you can still force the signer to sign each time. Check out the option 'Signature reuse’ in signing settings.

This will be applied to all new users of Legalesign. If you’re an existing user contact us to be upgraded!


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