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November 21, 2015

Why use an e-Signature software for Sales

Sales departments using an electronic signature for contracts can have a dramatic effect on results, fundamentally enhance day to day business practice with its clear view of lead activity, and increase customer and lead satisfaction with easy-to-use and sign-from-anywhere e-Signature signing system.

With dedicated e-Signature software you'll know when your lead has opened your email and viewed your document. With real-time results, and email notifications, you'll be aware when someone is visiting the document - the perfect moment to make a follow-up call. You don't need to continually follow up a prospect with no idea whether you are calling at a good time or whether they have even read your document.

Our sales team adapted to using Legalesign quickly and seamlessly. Any questions we had were answered promptly and swiftly. Feedback and follow up from our account manager was and remains great. The product is easily adaptable enabling us to send out doc's for an array of products to our clients. Great product, great support I would highly recommend.

Craig P., BWAR!

Sales also requires a good range of user permissions within the software and the ability to isolate documents for different customers. But at the same time be easy to create and remove those isolated areas as customers change. It must include the ability to rapidly and easily assign and un-assign sales staff across one or more customers.

While it can be useful to have automated email reminders for documents sent for e-signature, in our experience, most sales teams prefer to talk directly with their leads and to take personal responsibility for staying in touch and guiding then through to completion.

A further consideration is to consider the level of IT proficiency of your prospects. If you are a sales professional using computers on a day to day basis, what may appear simple to you, can be unnerving to many others. Make sure your eSign system has the simplicity needed for these leads, and includes features to help guide them through to completion.

eSignature and Sales

Legalesign is designed in large part for sales teams with its group oriented design and full range of user permissions. You can give your sales staff permission to send but not edit your templates, and to restrict them to only see their own leads. Meanwhile managers can have a complete overview of all activity, can control the documents that are being sent, see which prospects are waiting to complete, how fast signing is taking place and overall activity of staff.

Scaling up and down Legalesign is straightforward with just a few clicks. Sales teams take advantage of the teams feature of Legalesign when they gain customers. A new isolated team can be added in moments and sales staff assigned. You can give your customer read-only access to your team so they can have transparent access to the sales teams activities. Thus as customers join and leave you can scale up and down over time with just a few clicks. Adoption is easy too. Sales staff don't want to be burdened; Legalesign is designed to be very easy to use e-signature solution: once one person is familiar with the system, it takes just a minute or two instruction to bring a new team member up to speed.

Legalesign includes real-time updates and email notifications for document visits and signing events so you can stay in touch with what's happening. Signing events can also be CC'd to managers so they can stay on top of sales progress.

Finally, the eSigin pages themselves are built and evolve based on direct feedback from our customers and signers with page-click evidence. Tech-savvy e-signers often fly through the e-signing procedure, while prospects who are less used to using the internet, or e-signing documents online, have a system which guides them step by step through to completion.

Advantages of using Legalesign for sales teams

  • Full range of permissions for management of a sales team

  • Simple and clear listings of documents out for e-signing

  • Real-time updates - watch the live board change as signer open emails, visit document and sign.

  • Know whether prospects have received and opened emails and visited documents

  • Scalable - rapidly and easily scale the system up and down

  • Adaptable - wide breadth of features to make the system your own

  • Easy signing for prospects of all IT skill levels

[Legalesign] is incredibly easy to use being intuitive and has resulted in us receiving signed documentation much faster than our previous "archaic" process. We have been able to track prospects behaviours, with regards to viewing and opening the proposals. We have also had great feedback from prospects, who find the tool really easy to use and have found the tool greatly reduces the initial barrier of working with us. The support team are also great if you do have any random questions. Would highly recommend the platform.

Jason Cooper, GrantTree.


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