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February 19, 2016

5 steps to speed your sales cycle

Whatever your line of work, a quick sales cycle is essential to getting the deal done. A lengthy sales cycle can be expensive; too much time and energy spent chasing a sale can take away from your bottom line.

But how to speed up your sales cycle without sacrificing customer service? Today we're sharing five simple tips that help lead to more sales and happier customers.

Step 1.

Offer a free trial – Helping prospective customers understand your product or service quickly is essential to making the sale. A free trial period helps bring your offering to life and gives your customers an opportunity to understand if it's right for them.

Step 2.

Focus on their needs - Too often sales teams focus solely on pitching their product or service and extolling its benefits. Don't talk to the client, talk with the client. Take the time to understand their needs and ask questions to establish how your services can address them. The sooner you can draw a direct line from their needs to your services, the better.

Step 3.

Find the decision-maker – No matter how much the person you're selling to likes your service, if you aren't working with the key decision-maker the deal won't get done. Understanding the structure of the business before you enter into a sales meeting will help you make sure you're speaking to the right people. Find out as quickly as possible who controls the budget and will ultimately sign off any sales, then get in front of them as quickly as possible.

Step 4.

Build trust – Establishing a connection and building trust with prospective customers will give them the confidence to work with you. Your prospective customers need to know you are capable, reliable and understand the needs of their business. Providing stories, case studies and examples of work you've done in similar fields to help demonstrate what you can do. Explain in detail how your product or service has solved real-world problems.

Step 5.

Close the deal with eSignature – Once you've made a sale the last step to onboarding a new client is to get contract agreement. Our eSignature platform makes signing contracts fast and hassle-free; you can send contracts with a click, track in real-time and keep your important documents organised and secure all in one place.

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