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November 23, 2016

Recruitment Technology Guide 2016/7 from Recruitment Grapevine

Recruitment Grapevine’s annual 2016/7 guide to recruitment technology is out. Featuring Legalesign, the guide’s main editorial piece looks at how tech can prove its ROI for recruitment companies.

Proving ROI for a new technology can be challenging, especially when the new tech crosses many processes, as it can with a CRM for example. One of the benefits of picking software that optimises for a defined process, like Legalesign, is that the impact of change is more easily measured.

While technology is an enormous benefit, James Stewart at Macildowie, the recruitment specialists, sounds a cautious note that is good software buying advice for any business: to watch out for distraction and deploy in a focused task-based way, he said,

Consultants should be using a smaller number of well chosen and implemented technologies rather than taking the ‘kids in the candy store approach.'

The main feature concludes with an upbeat note from Legalesign’s CEO Ben Eliott, who says that recruiters are still likely to be as in demand as ever as technology improves. The human element in recruitment is so important, technology facilitates it rather than replaces it. At least until the robots take over.

Some figures in the guide are surprising. An astonishing 70% of job applications on CareerBuilder’s job board comes from recommendation technology. Legalesign’s own experience of reducing candidate registration time down to just 15 minutes is also quoted. Despite the widespread adoption of social media across society, Adapt UX from Bond completed a survey that indicates only 25% of job seekers used social media to find a role, and only just over half of those found it helpful.

The guides features the latest in recruitment technology from:

  • JobDiva, a wide-ranging software that streamlines the whole talent management process.

  • Profile from MicroDec helps recruiters’ day to day operations, a ‘personal assistant’ for recruiters.

  • Eploy is a a fully featured applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM, and the first pioneering fully web based recruitment mangement system.

The well known AdaptUX from Bond Software is included. Bond’s article includes interesting results from their own research, ‘The changing face of UK recruitment'.

Engage’s Vendor Management System (VMS) is an end to end system benefiting all participants; end hirers, agencies and payroll firms. Engage use a neutral approach between hirers, agencies, payrolls and worker.

First choice software has integrated front and back office systems, the CRM, payroll and finance, to streamline and make agencies more efficient and improve productivity.


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