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August 15, 2019

Promote your business with Legalesign

Did you know businesses can incorporate their branding with Legalesign’s fast and smart electronic signature?

It’s one of the popular features we offer that enables our clients to include their corporate colours and logos on their signing page, emails and admin dashboard.

Ben Eliott, CEO of Legalesign, said,

When people think of electronic signing they think only of a signature being applied to a document, but it’s much more than that. Our very personalized service offers many additional features, including being able to use personal branding and logos on all public facing aspects of the system. We find it is very popular with clients.

This is just one example of the custom signer experience you can create with us.

Also included are Legalesign’s choice of signing options which are all simple to use and accessible on mobile devices:

  • Signing with a mouse/touch

  • Signing with a keyboard

  • Signature image upload

An additional feature we offer is for customer-facing pages to be set in different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Ben added,

We feel that including the option of personalised branding has enhanced our customer experience. Legalesign is very customer focused, to the extent that two signers using the same document can have very different experiences, depending on their personal preferences and requirements. As well as providing a very safe, secure and speedy electronic signature, our customised service reflects the modern technological and multi-cultural age we live in.

Check our two short tutorial videos on branding, the first one about branding your emails which can be found on our support page, and the second for admin users.

  1. Add your branding to emails

  2. Corporate branding on the Legalesign app

More advice on email branding is available on our support page: email branding.

If you need further assistance, Nick and the team are on the end of the phone and will be delighted to talk you through it, call [01223 911317] (tel:+441223 911317).

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