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March 3, 2017

What is the best present for national employee appreciation day?

On National Employee Appreciation Day, we discuss the perfect gift for your treasured employees.

It’s Friday. But it is not any Friday. We know the question that is on all your lips… have they remembered #nationalemployeeappreciationday? And will you even get a card?

Today is all about corporate culture. ‘A happy camp makes a productive camp’: teams who understand and are united around a common goal, and organisations that listen to and invest in their staff, foster a positive working environment and a sense of pride. These strengthen a brand exponentially, often to the envy of its competitors and employees the world over. (Yes, there are a few household names that come immediately to mind… and by the way Legalesign is awesome too).

But if we are going to embrace today as a thing and go all chocolate and hearts, what would be “the perfect gift” for National Employee Appreciation Day? We’ve actually got the very thing…something that will improve the working experience AND directly improve the bottom line… In fact, employers, if you gift this to your employees, it’s almost like giving someone some chocolate and you actually getting to have most of it yourself…

You may have guessed it. Yes, e-signature. We appreciate that while that may not be the 5* away-break junket you were hoping for, Legalesign is one of the single best steps you can take to relieve the paperwork burden on employees.

Deploy Legalesign and watch the whole contract transaction online in real-time. Sup tea, perhaps, and consider which biscuits to pilfer from Compliance - where your stock is sky-high after switching to e-signature.

Shareholders will adore you when they see you’ve cut significant admin costs, improved productivity, and vastly cheered-up the contracting experience for your staff and clients alike.

If you are a sole trader, allow yourself a self-congratulatory pat on the back and a small beer. If you are senior management of a company that is innovating and looking to grow, you will be able to dine-out on this fabulous gesture for years to come!

You’re welcome. Happy #nationalemployeeappreciationday!


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