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March 26, 2020

Legalesign retains UK’s e-signature top ranking

Legalesign, Cambridge-based providers of e-signature for business, has retained its top UK position for electronic signature solutions in the latest quarterly figures from G2, the leading global comparison site for software and services.

Signing agreements from home.

Never before have the benefits of using electronic signature been more essential as the UK goes into lockdown, with offices closing and employees having to work from home. Utilising an efficient contact management solution with electronic signature capabilities means documents do not need to go in the post or via unsecure mail, while also increasing customer serviceability to 24/7.

Ben Eliott, CEO and founder of Legalesign, said,

We are having to live and work differently than ever before and being equipped to run businesses remotely is possible with the fantastic technological advances available, such as our advanced electronic signature. Like countless companies across the country, as well as globally, the Legalesign team is working remotely to support its clients, enabling them to sign off contracts and agreements swiftly, safely and securely, to help keep the country running.

G2 is recognised by the software industry for its genuine peer-to-peer reviews and detailed feedback that can influence potential new clients. Its latest figures show that Legalesign is the top joint provider of e-signature in the UK, along with a US company, but the top UK based company. It scored 92% overall, way ahead of big brand names competitors, scoring a fantastic 98% for both its quality of support and ease of doing business and 95% for meeting client requirements.

Ben added,

It’s thanks to this fantastic feedback from our clients that we have retained our UK top ranking while being ranked #2 in Europe, just one point behind the top slot. Whatever challenges lay ahead, we promise to continue providing excellent customer service and helping businesses get through the challenging times with our seamless and easy to use digital signing software.

Legalesign’s electronic signature software is used by legal firms, insurance companies, property firms, recruiters, accountants, local government and government bodies. It provides a quick, safe and environmentally friendly paperless way for smart businesses to sign contracts and agreements, saving considerable time and money and enabling business seeking to go carbon neutral to take a significant step forward in that direction.

Legalesign was founded by Ben who has 20 years experience in software development and holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh where he wrote his dissertation on electronic signature, its legal basis in the UK and how it can deliver value for enterprise.

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*Pic of Ben Eliott (centre), CEO and founder of Legalesign, and staff Nick Morris and Andreea Dumitrescu.


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