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November 21, 2015

How can eSignature software be used for legal firms?

Law firms can significantly reduce administration costs, present a modern image to clients and close contracts in minutes using Legalesign eSignature software.

Online signature has taken time to pass muster for legal firms. But with wide acceptance for e-Signature now established in society adopting it can immediately cut costs and time for legal businesses as well as increase sales.

Legalesign makes you spend less time processing contracts and is paper saving. It reduced human error and gave us a higher rate of document signed than with "wet ink". It has better tracking and gives us a quicker turnover (shorten sales cycle). Better management (with better oversight of contracts) and improve customer happiness (removing hassle of printer for customers) and the business image.

Dorsay Dejam. 911 Legal Team, PC.

Legalesign includes Adobe certified PDF documents to ensure the integrity of your PDF for the long term (with 'long term validation' often written as 'LTV' in the certificate details).

Certified PDF documents cannot be altered without breaking certification and contain the surety of an externally verified datestamp at signing. It also demonstrates that the document must have passed through the Legalesign signing process. This type of certificate can only be stored and used from a highly secure hardware security module (HSM) to ensure that it cannot be used fraudulently.

Some law firms need to close their client contracts rapidly in order to start progressing in good time and minimize administration costs where client turnover is high. E-signature software is the ideal way to do this. Sending contracts takes just moments eliminating almost all admin time to set up and send out new documents.

Contract control is often a critical matter for law firms and with contracts often iterating quite quickly, centralised control is a valuable aspect of Legalesign to ensure only the correct contracts are in use.

With clear listing, you can also quickly see which contracts clients have signed without consulting individual staff members and the associated dig through their email boxes. Additionally, document lifecycle can be live-tracked on a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

Legalesign is an ISO27001 certified company. The software has a large breadth of features for all kinds of signing situations. You can specify the content of emails, the methods by which a person can sign, change the 'signing statements' which signers must agree before completing, and many more. Almost all aspects of Legalesign can be customized. In addition, you can brand up emails and signing pages so your brand is successfully communicated.

Why use Legalesign in legal firms:

  • Secure processes for staff - two factor authentication, high password strength, password resets

  • Legally binding (subject to regulations for specific contract types)

  • Cost saving (paper free offices, less ink and staff time wasted)

  • Reduce human errors - ensure the right contracts are being used.

  • Higher rate of success (better tracking so higher rate of document signed)

  • Shorten your contract signing cycle

  • Improve customer satisfaction and business image


As a business that needs to have a quick turnaround this is a brilliant way to ensure that all paperwork can be signed correctly in a matter of hours. Clients can easily use the site and work their way around the document”. Karla Samwell,

Oakwood Solicitors

Really great service which has saved us an inordinate amount of time. Can't understand why more big law firms don't use this - would save hours of trainee time and remove 99% of the room for error on signing/ completions. Would highly recommend to any business - small or large.

Michelle Kingsley, Showroom.

Legalesign allows clients to sign our paperwork at the touch of a button... giving clients a much better service. It has saved us money [and] it helps also with security. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs clients or customers to e-sign paperwork over the internet or by the use of their Iphone.

Abbie Keech, Solicitor

Law Firm Case Study Click here to download the case study

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