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January 31, 2018

January 2018 update from Legalesign

A belated happy new year! January tends to be one of our most productive times; the poor weather keeps developers coding, while the outdoor table-tennis tables frost over.

Last month we created a new send page (marked as a ‘beta’ option for users) and we have continued to extend and stabilise that feature. One of the key outcomes from that project is the facility to ‘batch’ documents: enforce an ordering for a number of documents for any number of e-signers. January has seen this feature being rolled out. There are still a few things to finish off from real-world road tests but it’s ready to go for customers right away.

Dedicated customers will have noticed a little patchiness in real-time notifications. We did a complete overhaul of the real-time system to get it more stable and prepare it for more features. As part of that, we added the facility for users to see when signers are online. With that upgrade in place, we’ll be continuing to add more real-time features over the course of the year.

In security the big news was ‘meltdown’ and ‘spectre’. These bugs received global coverage when it was realised that ‘spectre’ was related to a fundamental architecture within chips and therefore difficult to counter. It is likely to be with us some time and so the importance of continuous machine updates is made still more important as a regular security precaution.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes at the IT world like a bulldozer as companies wake up to the huge compliance effort required to meet the new legislation. These Regulations become legally enforceable on the 25th May. Learn more about Legalesign eSignature GDPR feature set.

Our own schedule is in place and we will imminently launch our consultation with customers on the features we will develop as a data ‘processor’. These features will assist our customers to meet their own GDPR obligations as data ‘controllers’.

Legalesign is both a data 'processor', on behalf of our customers, and a data 'controller' in respect of the personal data we hold about our customers. While that ‘processor’ consultation goes on in February you will see some changes start to occur as we take steps to meet our own obligations as a ‘controller’.

Finally, we introduced into production a side project we all enjoyed, it is called ‘themes’ and you can find it in your personal settings. You can now change up the neutral blue colour of the web application. Let us know what you think, if it works well we will extend it so users can define their own schemes. Learn more about how to brand your team admin site.

Thank you for reading, as always if you have any feedback for us we are delighted to hear it. Roll on the spring!


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