How to reduce your sales cycle with e-Signature software

How to reduce your sales cycle with e-Signature software

December 04, 2014

Here’s a great tip from one sales team using Legalesign. Previously the team were following up their customers by telephone at regular intervals. But with no way of knowing what the customer was doing, nine times out of ten the customer was busy and the team were just reminding customers to complete their documents and hoping for the best.

But now the team just keeps one eye on Legalesign’s document status real-time listings to see the moment a customer opens their email.

If the customer doesn’t subsequently go ahead to visit their document in the next few seconds, they give them a call. Now they’d caught the customer at the perfect time to walk them through the sale right there, which could all be done immediately online with Legalesign eSignature for sales. They now close sooner and faster with less follow ups, and the upshot of providing a superb customer experience.

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