How eSignature improves customer experience

January 11, 2013

The printer: how many times have you at the critical moment run out of ink, jammed it with paper, or otherwise found it unresponsive to both patience and fury?

Although it turns out ink isn’t the most expensive liquid on earth (apparently it’s number 7), there are few activities as antagonizing as running out of ink, finding a new cartridge (or worse, going out to buy one). Then loading it up, running the ‘alignment’ program, before finally clicking the ‘online’ button, only to find it burns up a chunk of your brand new overpriced ink by printing twenty extra copies of your last document because, in your anger at running out of ink, you stabbed the ‘print’ button repeatedly in the vain hope it’ll work that one last time.

With our eSignature service your customers don't need to experience this again.

See our customer testimonials on our eSignature service or sign up for a free trial now.

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