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February 21, 2024

Get the Most from Your Forms

Legalesign forms are so much more than scanned paper, and can give so much more to your business.

When forms were digitised, it was a revolution. Digital forms not only streamlined processes but also led to significant savings in printer and ink costs. These were important reasons, but as online services evolved, so have the advantages associated with online forms.

Normal PDFs have forms of course and occasionally we're asked about the drawbacks of relying solely on returned PDFs. There are numerous reasons, encompassing governance, compliance, the benefits of having a centralized business hub for signed documents, and more. However, a pivotal reason often overlooked is the evolution of online forms.

The Power of Forms with Legalesign

In Legalesign, forms are far more dynamic than the traditional process of printing, signing, scanning, and returning paper, or standard PDFs.

The recipient experience is exponentially improved.

  • Logic fields handle form completion tasks, sparing recipients from manual efforts.

  • Conditional logic fields enable toggling fields based on other entries.

  • Sum logic fields can add up a column of numbers

  • 'One of a group' logic fields prevent the selection of more than one option from several choices.

Furthermore, human error on your completed documents are a thing of the past. Legalesign allows you to review submitted form fields before completion, identify mistakes, reset forms, and explain what recipients must do. This also helps you with form design going forward.

Digital forms are More than just a Single Checkbox

One of the most useful attributes of online forms is that more diverse and precise data collection becomes available. Unlike traditional paper forms, digital forms offer more than a single checkbox; they can accommodate options like tick and cross or just cross, providing more accurate data. Additionally, form fields can carry validation, ensuring entries meet specific criteria, from simple numbers to intricate regular expressions.

Additional small but valuable benefits abound. You can collect information without necessarily printing it to PDF, specify alignment, use ready-made placeholders for recipients, request additional files, and seamlessly merge them with the PDF or have them emailed separately. You can have secondary reviewers add information before completion too. Digital does not mean text only. With Legalesign, the recipient can draw on the form with drawing fields, adding an extra layer of flexibility.

Perhaps the most time-saving aspect of digital forms is how they handle data management. All form field data is stored alongside your signed PDF, eliminating the need for manual transcription. This process not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry. Plus, you can directly export data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Digital forms are invaluable, but it is crucial to acknowledge that some recipients may still prefer traditional paper. Legalesign addresses this by offering a 'mark as complete' function, allowing the upload and storage of scanned copies.

In conclusion, digital forms revolutionise data collection and management. With Legalesign, you can get the most out of your forms to optimise your document processes and meet your specific business needs.


Consult with our experts on how Legalesign can revolutionize your business forms. Inquire about text tagging to automate your entire form creation process.

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