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November 19, 2018

Free Electronic Signature API Trial

Legalesign's REST API for electronic signature is as popular as the web app and is an easy and accessible way to bring esignature functionality into a CRM or company software.

It doesn't cost anything to start prototyping your eSignature app using Legalesign API and only takes a few minutes to set up. Simply sign up for a trial and create a Legalesign API key. You will need to get a quick approval from support and then it’s a couple of clicks, and you are away.

The Legalesign API documentation includes a quick-start with code examples in PHP, python and ruby, along with curl throughout. Some customers have open sourced their own code in PHP and Node.js too. Once you have signed up for a trial you can opt to configure Legalesign for API. This put you in a sandbox environment with quick access to custom documentation (so you can cut & paste code). You can then easily set up a parallel production environment too.

This quick video shows you the few steps you need to generate your API key and get your sandbox up and running.


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