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February 19, 2018

February 2018 update from Legalesign

February has been a month of hidden updates. Legalesign uses agile development techniques that evolve the platform incrementally over time to generate one of the key advantages cloud software offers to business customers.

With desktop software, you will be used to big updates. The most familiar of these will be the operating system updates. For example, when Microsoft introduces a new version. This update method brings with it a burden for business in re-training staff, new licences, compatibility issues with existing software and new bugs.

By contrast, agile development updates take place very frequently, usually daily and occasionally more often. The result is a frictionless evolution. Noticeable changes are rare, customers are not disrupted, and any new bugs are few and can be resolved immediately.

February has been a month of many of those tiny incremental updates, barely noticeable to customers but nevertheless gradually improving their platform over time.

This is why buying an established and mature solution is so important. When you consider the number and scope of these updates day in day out, as a result of thousands of documents being processed daily, and with continual feedback from users, you are getting an enormous built-in resilience and experience in the software you are buying, based on invaluable real-world use that can only be built over time.

The other main activity at Legalesign through February has been GDPR. This will be a continual theme in activity for at least the next six months. Our consultation with customers went out and we have had some excellent responses back. A big thank-you to all our customers who participated. We should have our first set of GDPR features coming online for review by customers at the end of March.

Looking ahead GDPR features will start to become a reality in March. We also look forward to bring the new send page and batching system out of Beta. New customers will be able to enjoy this system immediately and existing customers can switch if and when they prefer.


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