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July 20, 2022

eSignature Summer Reviews 2022 From G2

Summer G2 reviews are out and we’re delighted that Legalesign is recognised as the best esignature software for mid-market support and the best for customer relationships.

G2 is the go-to review site for eSignature; it has the most detailed insight into market offerings and all the esignature products available.

Ours is a love/hate relationship with review sites. We love them for their verified third party reviews and good comparators to our competitors. But they favour a high volume of reviews, implicitly favouring large internationalised companies above the regional excellence Legalesign seeks.

Having said that, G2's deeper metrics do a better job than most (and probably any other) of supporting regionally focused products like Legalesign.

Despite these grumbles, we can’t help but be delighted that Legalesign won eight G2 badges in the summer rankings, including:

  • High Performer Mid-Market: we’re in the top 25% of eSignature providers for medium sized companies acknowledging our; quality of support, and ease of setup.

  • Best Support Mid-Market: we’re worldwide leaders in support for the mid-market.

  • Best Relationship: attesting our first in class customer-centric approach, G2 awarded us this badge for the highest overall score in quality of support and ease of business.

Other awards include: the High Performer United Kingdom Summer, High Performer Europe, High Performer, Users Most Likely to Recommend Mid-Market, High Performer Small Business awards.

Well done to the support team! Lots of good things are coming down the pipe at Legalesign over the next few months and we're looking forward to bringing those great new features to our customers.


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