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May 2, 2017

E-signature productivity anyone? 410 years (give or take) of waiting time saved with Legalesign

We’ve been so busy here at Legalesign HQ we've only just realised we are way past our millionth document, today hitting a total of 1,062,370 documents sent since our first customer pressed send!

With most documents averaging at 5 pages each, that’s over 5 million sheets of paper - one tree produces 10-20,000 sheets of paper – meaning we’ve let over 300 trees still get some rain and sunshine!

We’ve helped our customers reduce the time taken to get documents signed by half. While the majority of documents are signed within 24 hours and 25% within an hour, lets conservatively say the average time waiting for a document signing is 3 days without e-signature, and if we take that down to a day and a half by using e-signature, that’s a total saving of 1.5million full days, or 410 years if you like. We’re feeling pretty good about that.

So are our customers. Not only are they finding that they and their clients have an improved experience (for example, how much fun is it checking out whose signed what already!) but they have cut down the costs, time and aggravation of keeping a paper trail. A recent YouGov poll found that SMEs were spending an additional £42.2million a day as a consequence of not going paperless. Add in what would be two sets of ink cartridges for the signer and the sender, some postage and courier charges, you could get yourself a pretty decent steak for that money hey? (FYI, our favourite is a ribeye, and if you tell your boss about the benefits it might be them who pays!).

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