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February 10, 2017

E-signatures and recruiters: Lessons learned and questions answered

On 1-2 February, Legalesign was in London at the Recruitment Expo talking e-signature, productivity and efficiency with a fantastic array of enterprising individuals and forward-thinking businesses across the industry, most of whom were looking to improve their contract management and to speed-up the candidate registration process.

The expo team summarise the discussion:

We asked you: "what are you looking for"?

In the contract-heavy recruitment industry, recruiters are always looking for a way to turn around a large volume of paperwork quickly and more efficiently. Those of you who already have an e-signature solution extoll the virtues of being able to get paperwork signed by candidates whilst still on the phone; being able to track and follow-up on unsigned paperwork; and the ability to use form-field validation to reduce input-error on registration forms.

You’re looking for solution that fits with your processes, and a contract management platform that is effective, reliable, and easy to use.

With Legalesign, your candidates sign-up faster, you turn around your contracts quicker and you find that form-filling error is greatly reduced.

You asked us: "What is e-signature? Is it legal... and how much does it cost?"

E-signature is a method by which data can be signed electronically. An online alternative to traditional “wet” signature method, it has clear practical applicability within a world that now does business online - and legislation is catching up. Legalesign offers an e-signature that meets the standards of an Advanced Electronic Signature as defined in recent EU legislation, and a high standard of security and certification. Very reasonably priced for a high-performing, feature-rich, reliable and secure platform, our plans start from GBP £10/month.

With legalesign, 25% documents sent through the platform are signed within 5 minutes, and 75% within 24 hours!

Our CEO, Ben Eliott says:

We are delighted that the recruitment industry is recognising the benefits of e-signature, and we were proud to promote the success of Legalesign as a high-performing productivity tool designed to fit and scale with the demands and needs of recruitment businesses. We owe our feature-rich platform and strong support reviews to our demanding partners and clients, and we are always learning and developing to ensure we remain a preferred solution.

To learn more about online electronic signature for recruitment companies, to contact us and for a free trial of Legalesign go to


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