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October 27, 2022

G2 Fall Report 2022 - Legalesign Recognised Among The Best eSignature Software Providers

The G2 Fall 2022 Reports are out; as usual, companies are eager to see how they’ve performed in their particular sector.

At Legalesign, we’re up against some big names in eSignature software, so we’re delighted to have had our focus on a personalised customer experience recognised. The many positive esignature reviews resulted in Legalesign receiving seven badges in the latest G2 roundup.

G2 - Who Are They?

At this point, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. So why are these G2 reports so important?

Well, G2 is a peer-to-peer review platform with a focus on collecting user reviews for business software. They help 60 million users find the right software for their exact business needs every year.

The G2 platform is one of the world's most trusted b2b software review platforms, and scoring well in their fall reports is a great indicator of market trust in a company’s product. User reviews play an important role in b2b software, helping other users decide on the right product and helping software companies like Legalesign refine our overall package.

We’re delighted that Legalesign has been recognised once again by G2 customer reviews for eSignature software, ranking among some of the biggest name providers in the industry.

It’s great news for our team, as it shows the hard work they put into improving our product and the service we offer is continuing to pay off.

Legalesign’s eSignature Software Reviews

We take pride in providing our customers with a product that moves with their business needs to enhance workflow, along with easily accessible support.

This customer-driven approach has paid off, with Legalesign being awarded a total of seven badges based on the electronic signature customer reviews featured on G2.

G2 Fall 2022 Badges

Legalesign has earnt the following badges in the eSignature software provider category:

  • High Performer - United Kingdom

  • High Performer - Europe

  • High Performer - Fall 2022

  • High Performer - Mid-Market

  • High Performer - Small Business

  • Best Relationship - Fall 2022

  • Best Support - Mid-Market

It goes without saying that we’re excited by our High Performer awards. After all, we want our software to give customers an easy-to-use, reliable solution for digital signatures, so we’re really grateful to our development team for continuing to provide a product that our customers can rely on.

However, we’re also incredibly proud of our Best Relationship and Best Support badges.

There are plenty of eSignature products on the market, and we try to stand out by offering a package that addresses the needs of each client. These badges reflect that ongoing commitment to our customers, so a big thank you to our support team for their hard work!

Electronic Signatures

The speed of signing, reduced costs, and higher completion rate means that eSignatures are fast becoming the gold standard for documents requiring a signatory.

On top of the internal benefits for organisations using eSignatures, legislation changes such as HM Land Registry accepting digital signatures are allowing more and more businesses to make their signing process digital every day.

Legalesign’s eSignature Package

As an eSignature provider, our package offers far more than just digital document signing.

Legalesign’s software is built to integrate seamlessly with thousands of businesses to automate and streamline existing workflows. In the modern digital landscape, choosing the best document signing software is often a matter of finding a product that can work alongside existing software to offer data security and compliance with any legislation in your industry.

Did you know? Over 50% of Legalesign documents are signed and completed within two hours. The G2 digital signature software reviews and badges show that we’re meeting the needs of our customers, alongside continuing to offer a secure, legally binding eSignature solution with industry-specific compliance.

For more information about how Legalesign’s eSignature software can work for your business needs, get in touch today or book a free trial.


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