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November 21, 2015

What is the best eSignature software solution for Recruitment?

I really like how the software is designed, and the different options available to tailor to your documents. I have found this software to sped up our candidate registration process immensely, and we have had a lot of feedback from candidates regarding the ease of use. I am overwhelmed by the amazing support the team at Legalesign have provided our business with.

Katie Swingler, Ackerman Pierce.

Recruiters are regularly burdened with large form filling tasks for themselves or their candidates, hoovering up valuable time. Legalesign electronic signature software combines contract e-signing with form filling functionality to alleviate this task.

Upload a blank version of your document then simply double-click on your document where you need to add details prior to sending (a signer's name and address for example) and any areas where you need the signer (or multiple signers) to fill in form fields themselves. Learn how to edit a PDF and send it for e-signing.

Validation options, checkboxes, dropdown lists etc are all available. For customers who do have long-form filling requirements, we have created a special 'fields view' page. On this page, you can see a list of all your fields so you can swiftly update many fields without needing to trawl through each page of your document.

Once a document is set up it only takes a few seconds to send it out. You can keep an eye on the progress of documents in real-time. You can see whether your candidate received the email and when he/she visits your document. If you notice multiple visits or your candidate is delaying on completion you know you need to give them a call. If the signer isn't visiting, automated emails go out to remind them.

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When the document has been signed by all the parties concerned you can have it emailed to yourself, or download it from the website. Importantly you can also do a mass excel spreadsheet download of all the values for all form fields completed by your current candidates. Learn how to export field form data from an e-signed document.

Advantages of using Legalesign eSignature solution for recruitment:

  • Shorten recruitment process

  • Ideally suited for geographically remote signers

  • Signing page guides signers through to completion

  • Error-proof process (checks & reminders)

  • Wide range of form filling functionality

  • Traceability (audit trail)

  • Storage (archives &accessibility)

  • High Security (secure processes and storage for you documents)

  • Environmental friendly (less paper)


Nothing to dislike at all, the system just worked and sorted out our contract signing woes immediately!

Anonymous in Staffing and Recruiment, G2 Business Software Review

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